As evinced by Yothu Yindi’s success in the 1990’s, Indigenous music, song and

dance are powerful tools of protest.


The current national conversation surrounding Indigenous affairs and recent wave of new generation artists keeping the message and culture alive; such as A.B.Original, Baker Boy, Kardajala Kirridarra, Electric Fields, not to mention the recent successful reformation tour of Midnight Oil, stalwart supporters of the cause, have made it clear that now is the time for this iconic outfit to renew their involvement in that protest.


To that end, Razor Recordings has launched an exciting new live show called Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project, designed to raise awareness and rally support across Australia for the need for treaty with Australia’s First Nations people; to celebrate Indigenous culture and to foster opportunities for emerging Indigenous artists. Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project was inspired by the new remix package celebrating the 25th anniversary of ‘Treaty (Filthy Lucre Remix), which resulted in ARIA Hall of Fame inductees Yothu Yindi reuniting with Gavin Campbell, founding member of production team Filthy Lucre, in a reinvigorated formation.. The outfit features original Yothu Yindi members, along with emerging First Nations artists and special guests, performing impressive new remixes of classic Yothu Yindi hits (courtesy of Nubreed, Lostep and Filthy Lucre), plus brand new material, all with an electronic twist in a cross-generational celebration of cultural diversity.


This unique, bespoke ensemble has already garnered widespread interest following

a string of exclusive appearances at Strawberry Fields Festival, Queenscliff Music

Festival, Homeground at Sydney Opera House, Enmore Theatre and Croxton

Bandroom, with anticipation high for their forthcoming Festival 2018 concert on theopening night of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.


Founding members Witiyana Marika, Stuart Kellaway and Kevin Malngay Yunupingu

are joined onstage by former band member Shellie Morris, popular Indigenous singer/ songwriters Yirrmal (son of Witiyana), Dhapanbal Yunupingu (daughter of the late Dr M. Yunupingu), performer and artist Kamahi Djordon King and talented newcomer, clan member Yirrnga Yunupingu.


Very special guests onstage are legendary Goanna frontman Shane Howard and on keyboards and baritone sax, Ania Reynolds, current musical director of Circus Oz. Rounding out the line-up on percussion and a Toraiz SP-16 sampler is DJ/producer Gavin Campbell.


Yothu  Yindi  &  The  Treaty  Project  was  inspired  by  the  new  remix  package  celebrating  the  25th  anniversary  of  ‘Treaty  (Filthy  Lucre  Remix),  which  resulted  in  ARIA  Hall  of  Fame  inductees  Yothu  Yindi  reuniting  with  Gavin  Campbell,  founding  member  of  production  outfit  Filthy  Lucre,  in  a  reinvigorated  formation.  The  outfit  features  original  Yothu  Yindi  members,  along  with  emerging  First  Nations  artists  and  special  guests,  performing  impressive  new  remixes  of  classic  Yothu  Yindi  hits  (courtesy  of  Nubreed,  Lostep  and  Filthy  Lucre),  plus  brand  new  material,  all  with  an  electronic  twist  in  a  cross-generational  celebration  of  cultural  diversity.This  unique,  bespoke  ensemble  has  already  garnered  widespread  interest  following  a  string  of  exclusive  appearances  at  Strawberry  Fields  Festival,  Queenscliff  Music  Festival,  Homeground  at  Sydney  Opera  House,  Enmore  Theatre  and  Croxton  Bandroom,  with  anticipation  high  for  their  forthcoming  Festival  2018  concert  on  the  opening  night  of  the  Gold  Coast  2018  Commonwealth  Games.  Founding  members  Witiyana  Marika,  Stuart  Kellaway  and  Kevin  Malngay  Yunupingu  are  joined  onstage  by  former  band  member  Shellie  Morris,  popular  Indigenous  singer/songwriters  Yirrmal  (son  of  Witiyana),  Dhapanbal  Yunupingu  (daughter  of  the  late  Dr  M.  Yunupingu),  performer  and  artist  Kamahi  Djordon  King  and  talented  newcomer,  clan  member  Yirrnga  Yunupingu.



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